Clinical Medical Assistant

Certification Course          12 Weeks        On-Site Training        Externships

Course Overview

       12 Weeks

       288 Total Hours  Total Hours of Instruction/Externship

       8 weeks (16 hours per week) of On-Site Instruction

       4 weeks (40 hours per week) of Externship 

      The student will receive a Clinical Dental Assistant Certificate

This course provides hands-on training on all aspects of how to support the front and back office of a dental clinic. In the 12 weeks, you will be skilled in dental anatomy, infection control, dental assistant procedures, chairside assisting, introduction to dental radiography and imaging, dental specialties, restorative techniques, and dental clinical practice office management.

Why Clinical Medical Assistant?

          Average Salary: $32,738

         Entry-Level Education: Post Secondary Non Degree


        Job Outlook: 16.5% growth within the years 2018-2028

         (Must Faster Than Average)

        Key Traits: Detail-oriented, dexterity, interpersonal skills,

         listening skills, and organizational skills.

Interested in the dental industry? Graduating with a Clinical Dental Assistant (CDA) certificate will open doors for you for an entry-level in the Dental field. As a CDA, you will experience clinical tasks to assist the patients. You will work under the supervision of the dentist and work closely with the dental hygienists. With the CDA certificate at hand, you can search for career advancement within the field as an office manager, patient treatment coordinator, dental billing, dental sales rep, dental lab.

Interested In Enrolling?

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