Multi Core Craft Curriculum (MC3)

Construction Training


North America's Building Trades Unions developed the MC3 Pre Apprenticeship Curriculum in order to provide basic instruction to those interested in joining a union. The curriculum includes a general knowledge of the safety precautions and hands-on experience needed to thrive within a union. Although the curriculum is not specified to one union, general knowledge of all the unions will be provided in order to select the appropriate union for each individual.

Self Development

Throughout this program you will learn about your mental and physical strengths. You will be pushed to your limits and tested whether you can endure being in a union.


Throughout this program, you will be provided the knowledge needed to succeed. You can receive up to 7 certificates. At the end of the day these certificates are nothing but a piece of paper. It will be up to you to listen to the instructor and take in their shared knowledge. Once you complete the program it will be up to you to show that you did not just show up every day but you retained the content and you are ready to apply it to your new job in the construction industry. 


Those who choose to succeed will succeed. 

You will be given several opportunities throughout the program,  it's up to you to take them. 

Nothing is more expensive than a lost opportunity.


The goal of this program is to prepare you to start your new career within the construction industry. A career provides you with benefits, stability, and proper finances that allow you to accomplish more of your aspirations in life. We want you to expand the possibilities and outcomes life can bring.