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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many weeks is the MC3 Construction Training Program?
    The MC3 Construction Training Program is 5-6 Weeks
  • What days will I be in training?
    All courses for the MC3 Construction training will take place during the week Monday through Sunday. You will have a 1-2 days off during the week. All holidays will be observed and will be reflected on the schedule.
  • What is the attendance policy for the program?
    YOU MUST ATTEND CLASS 100% OF THE TIME. Although this is ideal, life happens. We are human. We understand. In case of an emergency, please contact a team member and let us know in advance (ideally) or as soon as possible. Once you complete the program, you will receive a calendar of the upcoming course. This calendar will reflect the days you MUST make up due to your absence. You will not receive the appropriate certifications until completed.
  • How do I know which union I will be in upon graduation?
    During class, you will review all of the different unions and the aspects of construction each union provides to the construction sites. Upon graduation you will receive a kindle that will contain all of this information to refer back to if you graduate unsure of which career path you would like to take. Once you graduate it will be up to you to take the necessary steps to apply to the unions. We will provide you the opportunities but, it will be up to you to take the opportunity and succeed.
  • What jobs do you have for me?
    NONE. We do not provide jobs. Once you graduate from the program, we provide you with different opportunities that may gain you employment. We open the door, it's up to you to be prepared and choose to walk through it.
  • Will you help me with you resume?
    Yes, we have a career specialist that will assist you with your resume. We will not create the resume but we will guide you. If you wish us to type a written resume, we will type it and return it to you prior to completing the program.
  • I have called all three numbers, and no one gets back to me! Why?"
    Although we are here to provide as much assistance as possible, we are currently a team of 3 amazing individuals. We run the entire program and respond to 1500 graduated alumni. Please be patient. Text messages and emails will result in the quickest response. Thank you for being understanding.
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