Career Expansion, Inc.

Career Expansion, Inc.


​All Applicants Must Be/Have:

  • 18+ Years Old


  • Required to pass a drug test.


  • Reliable transportation


  • Driver's License


  • Able to pass background check (Exceptions May Apply) 


Each career pathway is designed to provide both an in-class and hands on experience to ensure the success of the student in the workforce. 

Currently we provide :

  • Multi Craft Core Curriculum Construction Training (MC3)

  • Clinical Dental Assistant 

  • Clinical Medical Assistant

  • Commercial Truck Driving


Students enrolled in the pathways must attend all courses required to receive certifications.


If a student is absent, the student must makeup the course in the following course availability.


Certifications will not be awarded to students until all have been completed. 


Upon graduation, alumni will receive the following job assistance:

- Resume and interview prep

 - On-site interviews

-Daily job announcements via text 

-Weekly Job Emails

- Supportive Services


Our ultimate goal is to assist ALL of the alumni to secure a lifetime position within the program of their choosing. 

Job Assistance





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Selection Process

Every applicant must attend a New Student Orientation through Zoom prior to enrolling.  Attendance of a session does NOT secure the applicant a spot in the upcoming courses. Every Tuesday, we host a Virtual Orientation through Zoom. Sign up for our next orientation on the page labeled "Zoom Enrollment".

Prior to enrolling, you will be required to meet with our local partners (through Zoom) to ensure you are eligible for the class. These partners will assist you with the application process and ensure you are ready to start class. 

When funding has been processed and the final contract has been forwarded to a CEI staff, the client will be placed in an upcoming course. The student will be contacted via phone. The first day will include a schedule of the upcoming weeks and enrollment forms. Once completed you will embark on the first step towards your career!